Receive faxes online

Would you like to simply receive faxes by e-mail as a PDF attachment?
Do you need a new fax number or a fax number to which you can redirect?

With blueFAX, faxes are received via your fax number in the ccn data center and forwarded to you as a PDF by e-mail.

That's how easy it is to receive faxes

blueFAX supports several ways of receiving incoming faxes.

Online fax portal

You log on to our fax platform with your web browser and see your fax inbox.

Fax to Mail

You will receive your fax document by e-mail as a PDF to the e-mail address provided.


blueFAX transmits incoming fax documents to your FTP server via a secure FTP connection.

reception flat rate

Receive faxes at no cost per fax or page for maximum cost certainty.

fax numbers

Secure your personal fax number. In our fax center you can also manage several fax numbers with different e-mail destinations.

We provide two parallel receiving channels for each fax number. If you are planning a larger project with a higher volume, please contact our sales department.

Your blueFAX fax numbers are portable and can be taken with you. These are yours. For this reason, you may use these fax numbers publicly without further information.

blueFAX online fax service

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