Send faxes online

Would you like to send your faxes quickly and easily?
From the PC, laptop or mobile via UMTS / GPRS, directly from the workplace?
Even without a landline connection?

With blueFAX you can send PDFs, Word documents, Excel files and images as faxes with just a few clicks. Our text editor allows you to create new faxes directly. files esimply upload and send. Without a fax machine - no matter where you are.

It's that easy to send faxes

blueFAX supports several ways to start fax jobs.

Online fax portal

You log on to our fax platform with your web browser and simply upload the fax.

Mail to Fax

You email your document to a specific email address and the email content is sent as a fax.

Windows Plugin for Windows Fax & Scan

Use the print function from any Windows application and select the "Fax" printer.

blueFAX Webgate API

Fax interface for sending and status queries for connection to external systems.

Supported file formats

You can send DIN A4 pages in portrait format via blueFAX.
No matter how you submit fax orders to blueFAX - the following file formats are supported:

  • .pdf Adobe Acrobat PDF
  • .doc Microsoft Word 1997-2003
  • .docx Microsoft Word from 2007
  • .xlsMicrosoft Excel
  • .xlsx Microsoft Excel from 2007
  • .ods OpenOffice/StarOffice Open Document Spreadsheet
  • .wpf WordPerfect format
  • swf shockwave flash
  • .xml XHTML/XML
  • .html HTML web page
  • .htm HTML web page
  • .odt OpenDocumentText
  • .sxw Sun Xml Writer
  • .rtf Microsoft Rich Text Format
  • .txt text files
  • .sxc OpenOffice Spreadsheet
  • .odp OpenOffice/StarOffice Open Document Presentation
  • .sxi OpenOffice Presentation File
  • .pptMicrosoft PowerPoint
  • .odg OpenOffice Graphics
  • .csv comma separated values
  • .tab Tab separated values
  • .svg SVG Images
  • .tif TIF images
  • .tiff TIF images
  • .jpg images
  • .jpeg images
  • blueFAX online fax service

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