Reachable on your landline number in Microsoft Teams

Call your customers directly from MS Teams. Incoming and outgoing Calls can be made directly in Teamswhether desktop or mobile.

The Microsoft Teams integration expands the bluePBX telephone system. Existing telephones can also continue to be used in parallel.

You don't have to do without important functions of the bluePBX telephone system: call control, queues and routing are still managed by bluePBX.

These new features will be enabled for you in Microsoft Teams

Make a phone call

Receive calls directly in Teams. Dial phone numbers directly or use your team address book.


Instead of the bluePBX voice mailbox, the teams voicemail can be switched on, with notification in teams.

call forwarding

Divert calls when you are absent or forward an ongoing call to external and internal contacts.

phone number & extension

Your existing phone numbers and extensions are retained. Outgoing calls have your known phone number.

music on hold

You decide whether you want to continue using music on hold from the bluePBX telephone system or from teams.


Start conference calls directly from Microsoft Teams.

bluePBX and Microsoft Teams

The teams integration expands your bluePBX telephone system into the Microsoft world. As a Microsoft Teams user, you benefit:

  • Make calls to all networks worldwide via teams
  •  Can be reached by phone in the Teams app
  •  Costs for diversions to mobile phones are eliminated
  •  Mixed operation MS Teams and cloud PBX with telephones still possible
  • PBX call controls continue to apply
  • encryption
  •  Quick setup

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