With the flexible and simple bluePBX cloud telephone system, you and your team can successfully master everyday business life - from anywhere

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You deserve a PBX
which is flexible and simply works.

  • Does your telephone system cause high costs, but is not fit for the future?
  • Are you wasting time unnecessarily with cable clutter and cumbersome technology?
  • Are you worried about your availability because your telecommunications system is not fail-safe?

The bluePBX VoIP telephone system offers your company state-of-the-art cloud telephony - whether in the office, at home or on the go.

Our telephone system adapts to your needs. It grows with your company and frees you from time-consuming IT work. So that you can advance your business efficiently and independently of location.

Cloud telephony with bluePBX
in a nutshell

Find out how state-of-the-art business telephony works with the cloud telephone system from bluePBX - for flexible and professional communication.

Advantages of the bluePBX cloud telephone system

Turnkey handover

We tailor your cloud telephone system exactly to your needs and hand it over to you ready to use. You're ready to go.

Location-independent accessibility

Home office made easy: With bluePBX, your team is always technically fully equipped and connected - in the home office, in the office and mobile.

Fair and transparent prices

Premium functions and software are already included with us - where others charge extra. No fine print, no surprises.

Much more than calling

bluePBX can do much more than you know from your current telephone system: conference dial-in, group chats or faxing by e-mail make your everyday business life easier.

Take phone numbers with you

The telephone system adapts to changes within your company: phone numbers can be added or deleted at any time.

Security and Encryption

bluePBX is operated in the high-security data center in Munich. Your data and calls are encrypted at all times.

Partners and Awards

Our immediate start-ready service

You book a free consultation with our experts.

In a personal conversation we get to know each other and agree exactly how much telephone system you need.

We set up your tailor-made cloud telephone system for you.

You sit back. We take care of the setup, taking your phone numbers with you, going live and everything else.

You enjoy modern, top-quality cloud telephony.

In the meantime, we look after your technology, take care of fail-safe operation and are always on hand with advice and action.

A PBX that saves costs and adapts to your business

  • Favorable price per employee and extension
  • Always only as much telephone system as you need
  • Premium features such as conference calls included
  • Software and smartphone apps included
  • No fine print, no surprises

Cloud PBX:
What does that actually mean?

bluePBX is a virtual telephone system from the cloud. It is purely software-based. All functions, including the heart of the phone, are in one High-security data center in Munich hosted and provided via your DSL Internet connection. You therefore no longer need an analogue or ISDN telephone connection. Instead, you telephone via the Internet (VoIP telephony).

Cloud telephony saves costs and nerves

You no longer have to invest in expensive hardware for our online telephone system. What's more, you no longer need any expensive devices on site. You no longer have to look after yourself updates and maintenance take care of it or have an external technician come to do it every time.

We operate the system with all the trimmings for you and make sure that you Always up to date are - at no extra cost. We pay attention to the highest level of security and the protection of your data. That's why we operate our telephone system in the high-security data center in Munich. Your data and conversations are always secured and encrypted.

Another advantage of our IP telephone system is that you can react very flexibly to changes in your company: phone numbers and devices for new or old employees book at any time or delete. Our cloud telephone system bluePBX offers this always the full range of functions for each user.

Business communication for a new era

With cloud telephony, you can communicate with your team and with your customers from anywhere. It doesn't matter whether your employees are in the office, working from home or on a business trip - they can access the bluePBX cloud solution from anywhere.

Your employees have the option of using different end devices with their phone number. You can make calls using a VoIP phone, using a computer with a softphone and headset, or using our mobile app on smartphones and tablets. Our online telephone system creates the basis for flexible and distributed work.

More than 200 functions - much more than just telephony
The bluePBX virtual telephone system is an absolute one All-rounder for business communication. It offers all the functions that you already know from your analogue telephone system - such as call forwarding, mailbox or redial. But it offers much more: intelligent forwarding so that calls always end up at the right destination, receiving faxes by e-mail or linking to web-based CRM systems.

The range of functions and flexibility of bluePBX does not end with pure telephony. With bluePBX you can implement a real Unified communications solution, with secure business messaging, group chats, file sharing and optional Microsoft Teams connection.