blueSIP is ccn's SIP trunk product and can be connected to any SIP-enabled telephone system and end device.

scalable number of voice channels
fair tariffs for
worldwide telephony
encrypted and failsafe

You need a SIP trunk that you
can rely on and saves costs.

  • Your telephone connection has too few voice channels and cannot be reached?
  • Are your customers complaining about poor voice quality?
  • Would you like to keep your phone numbers and add new locations?

With blueSIP you get a SIP trunk for connecting PBXs to the Next Generation Network (NGN). The SIP trunk replaces previous ISDN and system connections. blueSIP can be used from all IP networks and not only behind fixed DSL connections.

You can use blueSIP as a SIP trunk on all SIP-capable telephone systems and cloud telephone systems. Inexpensive tariffs and quotas of minutes enable wide-ranging telephony at attractive prices.

blueSIP is aimed at the self-employed, small and medium-sized companies and companies with very high telephone traffic and call centers.

blueSIP SIP trunk

Regardless of whether you want to operate blueSIP with your on-premises telephone system or your cloud PBX telephone system from Yeastar, Cisco, Auerswald or another brand - blueSIP is the connection to the public telephone network and also connects to other VoIP networks. Calls are reliably switched from and to your telecommunications system. By setting a fallback phone number, you can still be reached if there is a fault in your own telecommunications system.

blueSIP also integrates perfectly with our cloud telephone system bluePBX.

The most important advantages at a glance

Number portability

You will receive new telephone numbers for your locations from us and you can easily take your existing telephone numbers with you (porting).

cost reduction

blueSIP offers many parallel voice channels and cheap tariffs to every country in the world. Instead of tariff zones, all countries and networks have their own tariffs - which is cheaper for you.


The number of voice channels can be expanded according to needs. Home office employees and international/national branch offices can be taken care of in an uncomplicated manner.


A high-performance connection to the Internet, redundant through several carriers, and permanent quality monitoring guarantee a high level of reliability.

Standards & T.38 capability

blueSIP is compliant and operated according to the SIP standard. In addition, blueSIP is also T.38-capable and therefore suitable for Fax over IP (FoIP).

Security and Encryption

blueSIP is operated in the high-security data center in Munich. Your data and calls are encrypted by TLS and SRTP.

Partners and Awards

Our immediate start-ready service

You book a free consultation with our experts.

In a personal conversation we get to know each other and coordinate exactly how many SIP trunks, telephone numbers and telephone number porting you need and which telecommunications system the SIP trunk should be connected to.

We set up your SIP trunk for you.

You sit back. We take care of the setup, taking your phone numbers with you, going live and everything else.

You can now enjoy reliable and affordable top-quality VoIP telephony.

We take care of fail-safe operation and are always on hand with help and advice.

The SIP trunk for your business

  • Attractive standard tariffs with sufficient voice channels
  • Individual equipment and configuration possible
  • Special prices for high purchases of telephone minutes
  • Certified billing accuracy
  • Directly from the ITSP for systemically important telecommunications infrastructure (BSIG/BSI/PTSG)
  • First class 2nd and 3rd level tech support

SIP trunk:
What does that actually mean?

blueSIP is a SIP trunk operated on the VoIP infrastructure platform of ccn GmbH in Munich.

The blueSIP communication solution for business customers enables telephoning and faxing over the Internet. blueSIP works with any telephone system and can be used anywhere with a broadband connection.

All services are in one High-security data center in Munich hosted and made available to different carrier networks via multiple redundancy. You therefore no longer need an analogue, system or ISDN connection. Instead, you telephone via the Internet (VoIP telephony).

blueSIP saves costs

With our SIP trunk, you don't have to incur high costs for voice channels that traditional telephone providers call. In addition, the blueSIP solution can be used from any IP address, not just behind a specific DSL connection. Where some well-known telephone providers charge high surcharges for the free accessibility of a SIP trunk, this feature is free of charge with blueSIP.

We operate SIP trunks with all the trimmings for you and ensure that the routing works in and out of all networks worldwide. We pay attention to the highest level of security. That's why we operate our infrastructure in the high-security data center in Munich.

Decentralized work, centrally networked

With SIP trunks, locations and PBXs can be connected to each other very easily and phone numbers can be used in a simple way, regardless of location. 

It doesn't matter whether your telephone system is a cloud telephone system or a classic IP telephone system "on-premises" in the office or at several locations - the SIP trunk connects you to the public telephone network and keeps your phone numbers.

More than just telephony

Existing telephone numbers can be reassigned and ported to blueSIP (portability of telephone numbers). Our active management monitors operations and ensures permanent availability. 

We attach great importance to high quality for voice connections and adhere to the SIP standard.
At the same time, we enable project customers to make special adjustments to their wishes and specifications with regard to individual telecommunications projects.

blueSIP is also distributed through partners at several locations in Germany and is already integrated in several PBXs as a SIP trunk template.