green electricity

sustainability promise

We see it as our task as a company to assume ecological responsibility and promote the transformation to renewable energies.

All ccn services are operated in the computer center and that consumes energy. It is all the more important that this energy is clean and leaves as little of a footprint as possible.

Data center, office and mobility

Our data centers are operated exclusively with green electricity.

High security standards and the reliability of the housing services are secured by the latest technology, as well as by high-performance and redundant infrastructure.

"It is also important to evaluate which other savings are made possible in the first place by our services on the customer side. For example, we eliminate the need for journeys or even flights because meetings can be held digitally and regardless of location", says Fritz Welter, Managing Director of ccn.

For years, the ccn 100% has also been using green electricity in the office and to charge the purely electric company fleet. Our employees also have the option of connecting their private cars to the ccn charging infrastructure.

If you visit us with an electric vehicle, we offer our visitors charging of the vehicle free of charge.