Telephone system users can be synchronized from the Microsoft Active Directory that easily.

Single Sign-On (SSO) for softphones included

No more double user and group administration for telephone system users and extensions.

With the help of Active Directory integration Cloud PBX, users and groups are simply transferred to the telephone system. In addition, the login to the softphone - desktop and mobile app - is made possible with the Microsoft access data of the user (SSO).

User Sync

Single sign-on (SSO)

OU/Group Sync

With the solution, even the number of the extension, the mobile phone number, name and e-mail address in the telephone system can be kept fully automatically up to date in the Microsoft user administration. For example, if the Microsoft user changes their mobile phone number, this is automatically updated for configured call forwarding in the telephone system.

Screenshot of the synchronization mask in the telephone system with Microsoft Azure AD

Useful functions that save a lot of time and administration

  • Assignment of extension numbers in the Microsoft user administration or automatic assignment in the PBX
  • Time savings, since user and group administration no longer has to take place in the telephone system
  • Group synchronization allows automatic assignment of call controls and user rights
  • Log in to the softphone for Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone with the known Microsoft access data (SSO)
  • Expandable by Microsoft Teams telephony

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