With Yeastar and ccn companies get more than just a telephone system. SMEs in particular benefit from the all-round communication system from the cloud, which enables work from any location, takes communication to a new level and makes features such as call center functions possible. With ccn, cloud telephony is also secure and with the highest level of data protection, since it is hosted in Germany. Learn more about the top 5 benefits of Yeastar for business here.

The advantages of Yeastar and ccn

  1. Usability from anywhere (office, home office, on the go)

The P-Series of Yeastar PBX makes it possible to flexibly provide all functions to all users from any location and any device. Whether via browser, softphones or IP telephones, whether Android, iOS, Windows or Mac - the entire device landscape of the company can be integrated. All employees simply continue to work in the home office or when traveling without compromising on communication.

  1. Internal collaboration on a new level

SMEs are also working with video calls today to stay in personal contact with the team and customers. Yeastar offers an integrated chat and video telephony function. Simply open a meeting via the browser without having to install any additional plugins and invite colleagues and employees via a simple link. Of course, you get all the useful features like screen sharing, live presentation, and instant group chats here. This is how every online meeting succeeds and that keeps the cooperation in the company lively and flexible.

  1. More customer service

Of course, companies can hold a video meeting not only internally among colleagues, but just as easily with customers. In addition, with Yeastar you can integrate a call center into your operation in a flash and at an unbelievably low cost. queues, IVR with automatic transfers, call recordings, dashboards, performance reports and much more ensure that customer support runs smoothly. The result is more efficient processes and happier employees and customers.

  1. Enable scalability and growth

If you want to grow, you've come to the right place with the Yeastar telephone system. Small and medium-sized companies in particular have the opportunity to quickly integrate new users - and delete them again. The entire solution is highly scalable and cost-effective. Softphones for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android as well as web clients can even be integrated free of charge.

  1. Data protection with Yeastar and the ccn data center

German companies also think about data protection with every new software from the cloud. The telephone system should not be hosted by foreign operators, but in Germany. ccn, as Yeastar's official hosting partner, makes that possible. We operate the solution completely in the German data center in Munich under the name bluePBX Yeastar Edition. Since we rely on the professional operation of VOIP are specialized within the framework of the legal provisions in Germany, your data and that of your customers are safe.

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