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Abbreviation for traffic expulsion number (also long-distance traffic expulsion number, expulsion number or expulsion code number). In the case of a national long-distance telephone call within the German telephone network, the Phone prefix from the prefix "" and the area code (ONKz) together. After dialing the VAZ, further connection setup is no longer controlled by the local exchange, but by the long-distance exchange. For example, the ONKz 30 in Berlin results in the area code “030”. An international VAZ initiates an international call. In Germany, Austria, Switzerland and many other countries, another "" is added to the national VAZ, so all international calls are started with "00". After selecting the international VAZ, further connection setup is controlled by the international exchange. Then the country code chosen, for example for Germany the "49". This results in the entire area code "0049" for Germany. Instead of the double zero "00", a "+" is often used in the signaling to establish a connection.