You deserve a PBX that's flexible and just works. In this guide, we have put together 5 ways for you to make your day-to-day work easier with modern telephony from the cloud. So much can already be revealed here: It will help you a great deal in shedding ballast and advancing your business efficiently and independently of location. Let's start:

1. Do you want to optimally equip your team for working from home?

MWith a modern telephone system from the cloud, you present yourself as an attractive employer and meet the requirements of the new working world. Because it creates the technical basis for decentralized, flexible work. It enables your team to be technically fully equipped and connected at all times - in the home office, in the office or on the go. Cloud telephone systems can do much more than make calls: Many valuable features make your everyday business life easier and improve cooperation with colleagues and customers.

For example, our bluePBX cloud telephone system is not just a solution for business telephony, but also a comprehensive software suite for effective teamwork: telephone conferences, a chat program, file exchange, availability display and clever routing functions support your team of cooperation. 

Do you know the many daily internal e-mails with brief content and question-answer ping-pong? They cause your inbox to become increasingly cluttered. With a cloud telephone system, everyday short communication now takes place via chat. Even files can be sent back and forth directly in the team - without the intermediary e-mail. And because talking to each other is sometimes the best way to achieve your goals, you can start telephone conferences at short notice and from any location. The dial-in is done via a phone number from your number block – i.e. without additional costs for special numbers.

2. Are you paying an unnecessary amount of money for old and cumbersome technology?

Old telephone systems are often expensive, complicated and difficult to expand. Hardware and software also require regular maintenance. A cloud telephone system like bluePBX offers the great advantage that you do not have to worry about the maintenance of hardware or software and the responsibility for operation lies with the provider. 
The telephone system software is operated in the cloud and updated regularly. Your system is therefore always up-to-date and maintained. You have a central service provider who takes care of the entire technology and operation of the telephone system: You receive everything from a single source and can sleep peacefully thanks to operational and failsafe operation. At bluePBX, we also attach great importance to data protection: Our telephone system is operated in the high-security data center in Munich. All data and calls are encrypted.

An important point is currently the topic ISDN-Shutdown. The transition to All IP becomes from the largest network operator Germany, Deutsche Telekom, pushed ahead massively. In the foreseeable future there will only be IP-based telephone connections. The time of ISDN telephone systems is numbered and a modernization step is essential. If you still have an ISDN system, you should consider switching to All-IP now at the latest and check your telephone system for IP compatibility. Or you can switch directly to a future-proof telephone system from the cloud...

3. Do you want a telephony solution that adapts to your company?

Do you want a PBX that saves costs and adapts to your business? With a cloud telephone system, you have a central solution that can be easily expanded at any time. This applies to small teams such as business centers or companies with multiple locations. A cloud telephone system adapts flexibly to changes within your company: telephone numbers can be added or deleted at any time.

Our bluePBX cloud telephone system always offers the full range of functions for every user. There are no features that you first have to book for a fee. And: We make sure that you only ever pay for the service that you actually use. For this reason, the price of the system always depends on the number of active users. Our telephony solution adapts to your company and not the other way around.

"We are very happy to have chosen bluePBX. We were convinced by the flexibility and ease of use. The service speed and product quality of bluePBX is particularly nice - traditional telephone providers can only learn from that!"

Professor Michael Gassner
Managing directors
BED Business Park Ehingen Donau GmbH

4. Would you like more efficiency for your team?

Increasing productivity and reducing response times are playing an increasingly important role in companies. At the same time, awareness of the use of intuitive and efficient collaboration applications is increasing. An essential prerequisite for higher productivity and shorter reaction times is having all the required information available at any time and any place. 

With a cloud telephone system, mobile employees have the same functions as in the office: availability under the company number, intelligent control of calls, presence management, participation in virtual conferences, online fax, chat and more. This simplifies and accelerates the exchange of information within the team. And by equipping your mobile employees with a system like bluePBX, you can also reduce your operating and travel costs. 

"Within a very short time, around 100 employees were able to communicate at a level that would not have been possible or imaginable with our old telecommunications system.!"

Matthew Harmel
Director IT
FGK Clinical Research GmbH

5. You want to offer better customer service?

Our everyday business life is characterized by many different tools and technical applications that often do not fit together - which leads to frustration and a lot of work. However, if the various tools within a company are intelligently networked, this means significant time savings for employees and also offers the opportunity to increase the quality of customer service.
That's why bluePBX enables the connection to cloud-based ERP and CRM systems and internal telephone books. The advantage: When the CRM system is networked with the telephone system, the caller can be identified immediately based on the phone number. The information about the customer and his last order will open automatically. No more questions about the customer name, customer number or order number. This means a considerable time saving. 
The customer can be taken care of immediately and experiences a perfect and appreciative customer experience. Smaller or medium-sized companies can also provide support quality that was previously only available to large companies.
Tip: In order to be able to use this added value for your customer service, make sure that web-based interfaces are available with a cloud telephone system. Also pay attention to the offer of a comprehensive set-up service for these interfaces, such as bluePBX offers.