A telephone system in the cloud that is easy to use, but offers all the tools for modern collaboration - this is how the Yeastar P Series summarize. In addition to telephony, other features such as video, voice, online meetings, apps, collaborations and much more can be combined in one solution. Obtain the solution from the managed service providers ccn, everything is also securely hosted in Germany.

Get to know all the functions of the Yeastar telephone system here and see for yourself!

Yeastar Features Overview

Complete PBX system

With Yeastar, companies can easily set up a private telephone network and save costs. The solution offers a complete PBXsystem (Private Branch Exchange system) that allows telephone calls within the organization and to the outside world. Free softphones for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android as well as web clients (WebRTC) can also be integrated.

Unified Communications with Linkus UC Clients

Yeastar's PBX enables the integration of many applications and thus unifies communication in the company. With the Linkus UC Clients, you can easily set up mobile phones or desktops as extensions, allowing users to work from anywhere. You can conduct video conferences on the go, chat with colleagues or customers, see colleagues' presence status and manage your own access. Voice messages can also be played back or output as text, calls can be made via websites and CRM systems with a click and private or company-wide contact directories can be accessed. The integrated functions can be used via web browsers, macOS, Microsoft Windows, Android and iOS, so that real-time communication and collaboration also works across devices.

Video Conferencing & Collaboration

With the P-Series of the Yeastar PBX (Ultimate Edition) you enable constant availability via video and freely choose your workplace. With the integrated web-based video conferencing solution, "work-from-anywhere" is made so easy.
Yeastar enables you to enjoy full HD video conferencing, screen sharing and team chats. Participation via invitation links is possible for other people you have invited, but you as the host retain control of the meeting. Since the solution is integrated, no additional plugins are required. A web browser is sufficient.

call center solution

Yeastar makes it easy to set up a call center - Yeastar's PBX combines your call center with communication functions into a highly integrated system for your entire company.
It features call routing, up-to-the-minute analytics and reports, and handy tools for workers/agents. Automatic IVRs with personalized announcements for customers or automatic call distribution with a fixed order between employees are also integrated in the system. As additional features you will also find a queue and callback function to avoid dropped calls, real-time evaluations on the dashboard, SLA for performance measurements and detailed call center reports.

More features like Chrome extension, CRM integration and MS Teams integration

Yeastar makes it easy to integrate popular tools. If you use Google Chrome, for example, you can use the Chrome extension to accept or make calls directly via the browser.

The CRM systems Hubspot, Zoho and Salesforge can also be easily connected, so that click-to-call, call lists, calls from pop-up windows and much more are directly possible.

Any other CRM systems can be connected via API interfaces.

Many corporate customers also use MS teams and this can also be easily integrated with the Yeastar P series in order to continue to use all functions - whether via desktop or mobile. ccn offers pairing to teams for Yeastar as an addon.

With bluePBX in the Yeastar Edition from the German data center

Data protection is the top priority today. With ccn as a managed service provider, companies and resellers secure the Yeastar telephone system from the German data center. As a telephone service provider, we at ccn create ideal conditions with our Munich data center to operate cloud telephony in compliance with data protection regulations and in the highest quality. You will also receive other services such as telephone numbers, telephone tariffs and broadband-Line from a single source (blueSIP).

So not only the Yeastar telephone system runs securely and permanently available.

Discover more at www.ccn.net/yeastar/