With the help of the plentymarkets integration of bluePBX, incoming calls are immediately assigned to plentymarkets customers and the customer details are opened in plentymarkets.

Outgoing calls can be initiated by clicking on the plentymarkets customer data record via bluePBX. And that's not all - incoming and outgoing calls are also historized for the respective customer data record in plentymarkets. Thus, a clerk can see when calls were made to and from a customer and which employee spoke to the customer.

Optionally, unanswered calls can be added as a message in plentymarkets Messenger, as a ticket or as a customer event.

Of the softphone Client bluePBX Communicator Business, for Windows and Mac, also synchronizes contacts from plentymarkets. This means that a quick search for customer names can also be carried out directly in the bluePBX software.

bluePBX and plentymarkets represent an ideal symbiosis for fast, customer-oriented and effective work on the hotline.

The comprehensive bluePBX telephone system also leaves nothing to be desired in terms of call control, queues and team integration. The decentralized working with bluePBX and plentymarkets offers ideal conditions for the home office.

bluePBX can be set up for you within hours and can be used immediately.